Discover Amsterdam Massage's most unique and irresistible masseuse, Cherry

About Cherry


Meet Cherry, the irresistible Amsterdam Masseuse with a knack for turning stressful days into blissful moments! She is a petite powerhouse, standing at just 5’3″, but don’t let her size fool you—she packs quite a punch when it comes to soothing those tired muscles.

With a busty figure and large, luscious breasts, Cherry is sure to leave an unforgettable impression. Her brunette locks cascade down her shoulders, framing her youthful, expressive brown eyes. At only 24 years old, she brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to every massage session.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Cherry’s services are not your average massage. She specializes in Duo Massage, where you can enjoy a relaxing experience with a friend or partner, Sensual Massage for those seeking a more indulgent touch, and Kinky Massage for adventurous souls.

But wait! There’s more. For those who dare to explore the sensual side of massage, Cherry offers an Erotic Massage Amsterdam service that is sure to leave you breathless. Her skilful hands will glide across your body in a way that transcends relaxation and enters a realm of pure pleasure.

So why book Cherry for your next massage session? Besides her undeniable charm, gentle yet firm touch, and ability to create an intimate atmosphere, she has a unique talent for making every client feel special and cared for. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or indulge in something truly extraordinary, Cherry is the Amsterdam Masseuse you’ve been waiting for! Book your session with her today, and let the healing begin.

Cherry's Details


Cherry is a stunning 24 year old masseuse with Brown eyes and C cup breasts. This Brunette is 172cm tall and weighs 57kg.

24 yr
C cup

Cherry's Prices

These are Cherry's hourly prices. These prices include taxi to and from your location. Certain locations might require an additional fee.

  • 1 Hour €160
  • 2 Hours €320
  • 3 Hours €450

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Discover Amsterdam Massage's most unique and irresistible masseuse, Cherry

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