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Welcome to Amsterdam Massage, your ultimate destination for the most indulgent and sensual erotic massages in Haarlem. If you’re seeking a truly memorable experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and completely satisfied, look no further than our exceptional selection of masseuses. Our gallery is home to a diverse range of beautiful women, each offering their own unique skills and talents to ensure your erotic massage in Haarlem is one for the ages.

We pride ourselves on having the best masseuses in the business. From petite and delicate to curvy and sultry, our girls come in all shapes and sizes, each as stunning and captivating as the next. Our masseuses are dedicated to providing you with a truly personalized experience that will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, and thoroughly satisfied.

If you’re visiting Haarlem and looking for an unforgettable way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings, look no further than our exquisite erotic massage services. Our masseuses are experienced in providing the perfect blend of relaxation and pleasure that will make you feel like a new man.

Duo Massage Girl Demi

Discover your Pleasure with Demi's Hotel Massages in Haarlem.

Professional Masseuse in Haarlem

Experience an unrivaled massage adventure with Courtney in Haarlem

Two Way Massage in Haarlem

Curvy Brunette MILF Gelica for Erotic Pleasure in Haarlem

Seductive Massage with Marilyn

Marilyn is a top petite and busty brunette masseuse from Haarlem

Hotel Massage Service with Bonita

Book Bonita for the Best Erotic Massage in Haarlem

Haarlem's petite erotic massage expert

Piper Your Sensual Haarlem Masseuse

Erotic Massage Girl in Haarlem

Haarlem's Hottest MILF Massage Expert Ashley

Tantra Massage Specialist Aya

Ultimate Erotic Massage Specialist in Haarlem

Blonde masseuse in Haarlem for erotic massage

Jenna Curvy Blonde Haarlem Masseuse for Erotic Pleasure

Mutual Massage with Reese

Experience Intense Pleasure with Reese, Haarlem's Sensual MILF Masseuse

Top Body to Body Massage with Cherry

Discover Haarlem Massage's most unique and irresistible masseuse, Cherry

New Erotic Massage Masseuse Emma

The Ultimate Erotic Massage Experience in Haarlem!

Busty Blonde Masseuse Gloria

Gloria, the Curvaceous Blonde Masseuse! for Erotic Massage in Haarlem

Duo Erotic Massage with Kiki

Erotic massage specialist Kiki, located in the city of Haarlem

Erotic Massage Masseuse Astra

Astra, Curvy Brunette Masseuse for Erotic Massage Haarlem Experiences

Top Erotic Massage Therapist

Esmee for your Sensual Massage needs in Haarlem

Haarlem Prices

Welcome to our Erotic Massage Services in Haarlem, where relaxation and pleasure go hand-in-hand. We offer an exquisite selection of sensual massages designed to soothe your body and mind while igniting your senses. Our experienced masseuses provide a range of massage styles tailored to suit your desires, from traditional Swedish massages to the more adventurous Nuru and Lingam techniques. Each session is conducted in a discreet, comfortable setting, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Allow our skilled hands to guide you on a journey of pure bliss and rejuvenation. Contact us today to book your unforgettable erotic massage in Haarlem.

  • Body to Body Massage

    Body to Body Massage Haarlem is a sensual and erotic massage experience designed for those who want to indulge in an intimate connection with their masseuse. In this massage, the therapist’s body glides against yours, providing unparalleled relaxation while stimulating your senses. This unique form of massage is perfect for couples seeking a new adventure or individuals looking for a special treat.

  • Couples Massage

    Couples Massage Haarlem offers an exclusive and romantic experience tailored to your partner’s needs. In a private and luxurious setting, you and your significant other will be pampered with a soothing massage that promotes relaxation, intimacy, and connection. The expert hands of our skilled therapists will help you and your loved one unwind and create lasting memories together.

  • Duo Massage

    Duo Massage Haarlem is a luxurious experience where two masseuses work in harmony to provide an unforgettable massage. With the dual attention of our experienced therapists, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive full-body massage that leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated and revitalized. This indulgent service is perfect for those who want to experience the ultimate relaxation.

  • Hotel Massage

    For the ultimate convenience and comfort, Hotel Massage Haarlem brings the massage to you. Our skilled therapists can visit your hotel room in Haarlem, providing a relaxing and private massage experience without having to leave the comfort of your accommodation. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, this service is perfect for those who want to enjoy a rejuvenating massage without disrupting their schedule.

  • Kinky Massage

    Kinky Massage Haarlem offers an adventurous and thrilling experience for those with a more daring side. Our kinky massages include various elements of BDSM, role-play, and other taboo activities that are sure to awaken your senses and ignite your passion. With a focus on consent and boundaries, our experienced therapists ensure that every Kinky Massage experience is tailored to your unique desires.

  • Tantra Massage

    Tantra Massage Haarlem is an ancient practice that combines physical touch with spiritual and emotional connection. This massage style focuses on the body’s chakras, or energy centres, to promote healing, balance, and overall well-being. With a strong emphasis on mindfulness and presence, Tantra Massage is perfect for those seeking a deeply transformative and introspective experience.

  • Thai Massage

    Thai Massage Haarlem is a traditional form of massage that originated in Thailand. This style involves stretching, pressure point therapy, and gentle rocking movements to promote flexibility, relaxation, and overall wellness. With its focus on the body’s energy lines, Thai Massage helps to balance the flow of chi (energy) throughout the body, leaving you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

  • Sensual Massage

    Sensual Massage Haarlem is designed to stimulate your senses and leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Our experienced therapists use a combination of touch, scent, and sound to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and sensuality. This massage style includes elements of eroticism but maintains a focus on relaxation, making it perfect for those who want to explore their sensual side without crossing any boundaries.

Erotic Massage Haarlem

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Are you tired of the same old routine? Looking for an escape that can help you unwind and relax? Then, it’s time to experience a sensual erotic massage in Haarlem. Our skilled therapists offer a unique combination of relaxation techniques and intimate touches that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Indulge in the warmth of our soothing atmosphere as our professional masseuses guide you through a journey of pleasure and serenity. Allow your mind to drift away while our expert hands work their magic on your body, releasing tension and leaving you with a newfound sense of tranquillity.


Discover why our clients can't get enough of our Haarlem masseuses! Our Testimonial section showcases the delight and satisfaction our customers experience during their erotic massage sessions. See for yourself how our talented professionals create a relaxing atmosphere that leaves them feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and eager to return for more. Don't just take our word for it - hear directly from our satisfied clients about their incredible experiences.

  • Martijn

    I've used Amsterdam Massage several times now for various events in Haarlem, and they never disappoint. Their massage therapists are always reliable and professional.



  • Tomas

    Amsterdam Massage in Haarlem provided me with an incredible relaxing experience. Their masseuses are truly skilled in their craft and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



  • Peter

    The convenience of having a massage at my hotel in Haarlem was fantastic! The masseuse was punctual, friendly and provided a top-notch service.




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Welcome to our website’s office hours, which specialize in erotic massage services in Haarlem. We are open for your convenience from 12:00 PM until 2:00 AM daily, including public and bank holidays. Booking with us is easy and fast, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Our friendly staff is always available to help customers arrange bookings, making sure that your visit is enjoyable and hassle-free. Come and indulge in the sensual world of erotic massage at our location in Haarlem, where we guarantee satisfaction and relaxation beyond compare.

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